A Statement Regarding the "Pennhurst Haunted Asylum"

PMPA is completely opposed to the operation of a haunted attraction at Pennhurst that portrays people with disabilities in a demeaning and degrading fashion. Demonizing people with disabilities as a profit-making ‘entertainment’ is (and should be) offensive to everyone. We urge everyone who shares our disgust to speak out against the ‘haunted asylum’ and boycott this travesty.

Please consider signing the petition circulating against the Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction.

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mick thomas04/17/2016
Agreed, should be open for tours day and night. Went yesterday around the grounds and some guy in a pickup truck made me leave, as if I was going to do damage to the poorly maintained buildings. He pretty much is allowing the place to rot. Assuming he is the owners son.
Exploitation is inevitable when informing people of the truth. Since when does sweeping it under the rug or locking it behind closed doors ever educate people of some of our nations worst crimes against humanity.
Alexander Taylor09/19/2015
Here's a newsflash The Haunt IS what is preserving Pennhurst. It is filled with people who legitimately care for the property. It has stopped the steady stream of trespassers. It brought the conversation out from the shadows. They've done more than any of you have.
A place that has so much history such as Pennhurst should be open to the public. I feel it would be a wonderful way to raise money. No actors portraying horrifying and disturbing displays. I am talking about a REAL GUIDED TOUR. Day and Night ones!
Many historical buildings in the u.s. do haunted attractions and ghost tours, it brings revenue for maintenance, restoration, and historical endeavors which dont alway generate enough money to sustain themselves. The association/owner need to come together and keep the building history alive
I'm 23 I have many friends who go to the attraction. I seriously question our friendship when they do. Every time I hear the radio ads it makes me sick. I'm considered mentally ill I've found the use of it as a haunted attraction offensive from day 1. I can't see how people don't understand that
2 Sides10/04/2013
I can see both sides of the story. I previously worked with former patients of Pennhurst and came to care for them very much. However, it seems a shame to allow the entire property to just rot away. The perfect solution would be for the PMPA owners of the new attraction to be able to work together
If someone had suggested that the Auschwitz facilities would be put to good use as a Halloween attraction, all would gasp in horror. Pennhurst as an amusement attraction is no different. Stigma against the mentally ill and handicapped has allowed this to happen. That is the true horror.
Doctor K08/28/2013
Haunt Legend says 'And so began two decades of radical experimentation with untried drugs, new procedures'. In light of the fact that medical experimentation on institutionalized children DID happen - click my name - how are ALL these parallels betw real and 'fictional' Pennhurst NOT exploitation?
i think the individuals running the asylum are not demonizing mental ailments. rather giving the public the opportunity to enter these buildings legally rather than the continued vandalism and tresspassing that has taken place all these years. they also recognize the hospitals history
Peter Davies07/30/2013
Turning Pennhurst into a Hallowe'en-style attraction is degrading to human dignity. Please come up with a purpose for this building which shows compassion and sympathy for the real human beings who lived and suffered here instead.
Chris A. Skelly with c.a.s.p.e.r.05/06/2013
We the members of C.A.S.P.E.R. do not support the use of ANY historical site as a Halloween attraction. We do however feel that Paranormal Investigations done by well trained, , respectful investigator, should be allowed because lost souls may be trapped their and need to be set free.
Sorry - one more thing. To all you so-called 'Paranormal Investigators' - TAKE A HIKE. Didn't your mommies tell you there is no such thing as ghosts? You are part of the cruel exploitation of Pennhurst. Pursue less childish pursuits - like finding a job.
To take Pennhurst's history and identity and distort it for profit - without having the decency to even change its name - is a simple case of exploitation. Exploiting the disabled and their history is cruel and just plain wrong - as is supporting it. People please - DON'T SUPPORT THE HAUNT!!
Pennhurst Haunted Asylum is operational.Website says that they are donating a portion of the ticket sales to Hurricane Sandy victims. Owners should donate portion of sales to your preservation efforts or organizations that help the disabled. Seems wrong for owners to profit from the misery of place.

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