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Ed Goldman02/03/2016
Gov. Milton Shapp was a quiet hero in settling the Right To Education law suit which had been fought by the previous Administration. He instructed the new Secretaries of Education and Public Welfare to settle the law suit. He also promoted the beginning of a community living program.
James A. Lowrie01/07/2016
1508 Meadowview La. I was the original Chairman of the Pennhurst Human Rights Committee, I worked closely with Dr. James C. Hurst the head of the Psychology Dept. in guaranteeing the rights of the Pennhurst residents. I gave a lengthy deposition in the right to Treatment lawsuit.and testified .
Andrew Byrd12/22/2010
Nathaniel Guest - Grew up in this area, and knows a lot about the campus. Is a big help to others and is happy to share Pennhurst information.
Ron Mitala10/07/2010
James Hurst, Ph.D.-Jim was Director of Psychological Services for many years and was Chief Advocate during the end of his tenure at Pennhurst. If Jim was alive today, he would be extremely proud of the work of PMPA and supportive of its mission.
Micha Deutsch09/28/2010
J.Gregory Pirmann- Who has always treated people with fairness, and is overall a great person. He strived to help people with Mental disabilities happier, and more well taken care of. Thank you
Nora Vista Shuda08/31/2010
Winifred Halderman, a pioneer, helping those that did NOT have a voice @ Pennhurst.... bravery took courage, compeled by a mission that lived in her heart and speak for those that suffered @ Pennhurst.
Rachael Davenport05/17/2010
Chris Peecho- for visably being the most involved individual in getting the stories of these unknown heros told. He is involved in every pennhurst activity ive seen and even has his own websight to remind the world of whats happened. Your a great guy Chris.
Jim Conroy04/04/2010
Terri Lee Halderman, the young woman after whom the famous lawsuit was named. Her mother Winifred Halderman wanted a better life for her daughter, and filed suit to improve Pennhurst. Terri later moved to Woodhaven Center and from there to a community home.
Nathaniel Guest04/02/2010
Susan Bauer--Employed at Pennhurst from 1975 to 1985
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Jim Wilson - PARC President when the fight to change Pennhurt and institutionalization started. Instrumental in the achievement that followed He helped to guide and coordinate the early efforts for change.
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Bill West - Executive Director of the Arc of Pennsylvania
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Sandy Thompson - President of YPARC involved in Pilgrimage to Pennhurst.
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Nancy Thaler - Deputy Secretary of the Office of Mental Retardation. Also, Nancy is a houseparent for KenCrest and a parent of a Pennhurt plaintiff class member in the Halderman v. Pennhurst litigation.
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Vicki Stillman-Toomey - Played a major role in facilitating the implementation of the community-based housing system that replaced Pennhurst and other of its peer institutions. Her work in helping families overcome their misgivings about community living was key.
Chris Peecho04/02/2010
Staff of the Special Management Unit SMU - The SMU took over the role of the Office of Special Master under the Settlement Agreement that closed Pennhurst.

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