Suffer The Little Children

The ground-breaking 1968 NBC10 Expose on Pennhurst State School by Bill Baldini:

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Alexandra Harrison11/19/2013
My God. I had so many tears running down my face smh. I cannot believe this horrible injustice
What happened to the little boy John? There was not a thing wrong with that child! But the doctor was a complete lunatic
How in the hell could there be a place like this!! My heart bleeds for these people, they have hearts and care just like everybody else. This is disturbing to watch
As I watched I cried. As I process this my heart aches. I have a cousin who lived there for 60 odd years until her death. Visiting her was heart wrenching. She was obviously abused all of her dear life. Janey was her name. Pray for her soul.
Can't believe humans are capable of doing this. What a Shame
For the wacko Genesii Parson, Where did you learn this crazy bull@%% this happened to these people because of the sins committed by them , what Bible do you read, many of these children were normal and taken there only because the parents were not educated. Get real girl
While I think it's wrong to use the place as an amusement attraction, I don't think it should be demolished either. It should stand as a SERIOUS reminder to what happened there.
And it took 9 years to close them down...was anyone held accountable? Why does history always repeat itself?
Anyone who thinks they can make the claim that these kids deserve anything, due to the sins of their parents, or anything else, would belong in an institution such as this. Obviously, such persons are of a very low mentality, and are sick in the head themselves.
Genesii has to be excused for his/her comment. He/She must have been in a similar situation and is speaking from experience. The situation is unforgivable. The administrators should have been held accountable by law.
Mac McDonald08/01/2013
As I finish watching... I find tears and pain overcoming me now. I don't have any words at this time to add. I will say looking back to such a recent situation of the 80's... I am shocked beyond words by such inhumanity - to these poor, ill and, then, forgotten people.. Prayers 4All.
Genesii's view of the world dates back to the Dark Ages and the Salem Witch trial. How can anybody in the 21st century have such a barbaric notion that these poor people deserved this fate? I guess to this person going to the bathroom is also a sin? I would love to hear the explanations.
Max Power07/01/2013
Why is everyone crying about using the place for fun now? I'm all for leaving it standing as a monument to cruelty too but only so I can explore it without some HS kid in hospital gown jumping out at me. If you're really affected then look at it this way- a place used for bad is now used for good.
Honoria Kralovic06/04/2013
Its disgusting that its used as a haunted house now. My great grandma was there and she was iller when she came out. Makes me spit! Der'mo Golovy!!!
Folks, if you don't like my comment to and about the person whose screen-name is Genesii Parson, then please read her post and please forgive or excuse my harsh language. She seems to be some sort of New-Age freak who thinks that people suffer due to their sins. Please rebuke Genesii Parson.

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