Contemporary Pennhurst Photography

In the years since Pennhurst State School was closed, it has become a source of wonder to photographers - some of whom have travelled hundreds, even thousands of miles to experience it.

This page contains copyrighted work contributed by just some of the many photographers committed to documenting Pennhurst State School, and is featured here by permission. Please do not copy or distribute this work.

Please note: In the time since these photographs were taken, Pennhurst has become private property.  The Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance does not support, condone, or encourage trespassing onto the Pennhurst property.

Contemporary Pennhurst Photography
The Pennhurst Admin cupola before scrappers removed the siding
Lower Campus, Feb. 2010
Pennhurst Flyover II
Rockwell & Devon Buildings
Assembly Hall
Vincennes Building
walkway to Admin
Admin in spring
Portico, Buchanan building
Parking lot outside Dietary
Stop Sign, Pennhurst
Pennhurst walkway
Audubon Hall
View of Mayflower from Philadelphia porch
Devon entrance
Devon Hall
Front entrance of Devon
Bannister on top of portico, Administration building
Abandoned school bus, Pennhurst
Forgotten playground
Franklin Courtyard, Pennhurst
Abandoned Wheelchair
Pennhurst Bathtub
in the silence of my crumbling home
Dayroom, Pennhurst
Three Friends
Devon Interior
Attic of Limerick
Wheelchair in Tunnel
Wheelchair, Union Hall
Examination Room
Hallway, Assembly
Leg Braces
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